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Whether you’ve been addicted to drugs for years or have just recently realized you’re dependent upon drugs, you will need to admit to yourself that it is a problem that you cannot control nor overcome on your own. To begin your treatment, you need to eliminate any traces of denial that are keeping you back.

The list of avaliable treatments

Once you do that, you will be able to enter our drug rehab center and begin your customized and comprehensive addiction treatment. Read on to see how your personalized program will be structured by the effective template implemented by our addiction treatment facilities.


The first thing you will do after you eliminating denial, is come to our drug detox clinic for a supervised withdrawal. While your body goes through the process of expelling the harmful toxins, you will go through some unpleasant symptoms.

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To ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, we need to see to it that you are as safe and comfortable as you can be. While you have side effects, you will have everything you need. Once you get through this, you will be ready to begin long-term addiction treatment.

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Now that you have gone through detox, you will begin personal counseling with a therapist. You will work with them to establish an individualized addiction treatment program.

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You will also be screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues and treated accordingly. Whatever may be ailing you, we will help you overcome it and treat you according to your needs and situation.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

After becoming comfortable with sharing your story and receiving advice, you will move on to sharing in a group environment.

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Strength & Yoga Therapy

Then in group therapy you will share your stories of struggle, listen to the adversity of others in the group, and exchange valuable advice and insight.

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Our Mission

You will work with your peers to find real solutions and teach each other how to avoid triggers and deal with cravings.

A counselor will help everyone in the group talk through their problems and find solutions to problems.

Benefits of Therapy

Stable Environment

Increases optimism

Mental strength

Better decision making

You are in a good hands....